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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Versions Disappoints Fans


Frustration among Red Dead Redemption 2 community – Unsatisfied by the online version.

Without exaggerating we can easily write down Red Dead Redemption 2 on the list of best games of 2018. However, fans have expressed frustration regarding the launch of Red Dead Online as they are not happy with its state.


How does Rockstar defense itself?

There was an update that came out not too much than a week ago, and the disappointment is that it did not change the game much. According to Rockstar, fans should be more patient as further updates are about to be released.

The developing company of the game sais that a lot of improvements, changes, and fixes are being worked on by their teams, all based on the feedback and requirements received from the players.

What should be expected from the next updates?

The Proximity-Based Player Blips,  Law and Bounty Improvements and Parley Changes with quicker access to Feuding will all be introduced soon along with Daily Challenges that give out gold nuggets.

The most exciting of these improvements seem to be the ones already planned, and that is the Title Update. However, that addition is months away, and some players decided to express their anger on Reddit.

Red Dead Redemption 2 opinions from fans

One player is disappointed that the company is trying to create a  “wild west Fortnite DLC” because they enjoyed the single player game and they were hoping to go through that online with their friends as well.

Another player said that the lack of content does not bother him but the fact that the issues and bugs that have more or less impact depending on the player are not addressed. They are faced with many small issues that can easily be fixed with another update if the team would work on it.

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