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Public Preview of Windows Virtual Desktop Released by Microsoft


For those of you who may not have heard about this before, Windows Virtual Desktop is a new service that aims Windows 10. This provides a multi-session functionality, as well as support for Windows Server RDS desktop, plus apps. But why should you care? The point is that this helpful tool lets you virtualize Windows 7 or 10, as well as the Office 265 ProPlus apps. Moreover, it also works with other third-party software if you run it in the Azure virtual machine.

Going back to September 2018, we find out that Microsoft had already set up their strategy regarding the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) product. They planned to release an early version of this type of technology to any interested tester before the end of the year. However, as expected, there were some delays, and here we are in March 2019, enjoying the newly released public preview of the WVD.

Ever since last fall, Microsoft has been busy testing the WVD in private. Moreover, last November, they acquired FSLogix, which is a company that focuses on desktop and app virtualization. Ever since then, the tech giant started to work on integrating the new company’s technology, with the purpose of helping with WVD migrations.

What’s sad is that we don’t have any other information about the prices for WVD. Fans have been curious about it, but Microsoft officials declared that for those interested enough, they would have to sign up to Azure, choose their virtual machine type and the storage they need. Only then they will find out how much it costs.

Finally, keep in mind that throughout the public preview period, you can deploy desktop and apps in virtual machines, regardless of the Azure region. However, the data and the leading of these apps will take place outside of the United States.

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