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PS4 5.0 Patch Leaked Release Notes


Even though everyone’s been having mixed feelings about the way Sony is handling its business lately, the PlayStation 4 is still their best console to this day, and one of the best right now at a global level. Last month, Sony announced the 5.0 system update patch for PlayStation 4, and their rep claimed it was coming soon. In fact, the statement officially said that the beta for the PlayStation 4 5.0 patch is coming in August. Well, the month of August is halfway over already and we still don’t see the patch anywhere.

Fortunately for the more curious ones out there, Eurogamer has just leaked the release notes for the 5.0 system update patch of the PlayStation 4. Here are all the major changes that will occur.

What Changes in 5.0

The PlayStation 4 will have all the following new features after the 5.0 system patch officially comes out (although we still don’t know when):

  • 1080/60 FPS streaming of gameplay on Twitch;
  • News system allowing you to follow any PSN member, not just verified ones;
  • Updated privacy settings to restrict access to the previous feature if you feel the need for it;
  • Notifications can be checked in the Quick Menu;
  • Upload and download status can be checked in the Quick Menu;
  • Adjustment of account functionality;
  • New parental control tools for limiting PSN access.

These are all the feature that Eurogamer claims the new 5.0 patch for PlayStation 4 will bring to the console and its systems. What do you think about this? Do you think this leak is onto something? In any case, please remember that this is just a leak, and Sony hasn’t officially confirmed any of this as of yet. Still, if this turns out to be true, then PlayStation 4 users are in for a treat.

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