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Pokemon Duel 4.0.7 APK Download Available – Optimizes the Game’s Software


Pokemon is the most profitable franchise in the world, it even beats Star Wars when it comes to worldwide profits. There are numerous TV Shows, toys, movies and games that are Pokemon themed and today we are talking about Pokemon Duel. This is a board game that uses Pokemon figures which give players the ability to develop clever strategies to defeat their opponents.

Pokemon Duel 4.0.7 APK Update

The latest update brings Pokemon Duel’s version number up to 4.0.7 and it can be downloaded as an APK. Since this update is available as an APK (Android Package Kit), it means that its exclusive to Android users. Moreover, the thing that makes APK updates special is the fact that they are made public before the official OTA (over the air) release starts rolling out.

There is a downside to APK updates though. Users are required to manually download and install them. Although, this is a small price to pay in exchange for receiving important updates ahead of time. Nonetheless, the update requires 57.6MB of free space and it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system or higher.

New Update

This new update optimizes the board game’s software so that it runs better than ever. This is also combined with a handful of bug fixes which make sure that the game never crashes and that players can always fight their rivals in duels without being interrupted.

Strategic Mind

Pokemon Duel is an amazing game that is perfect for people who love to theorize and create strategies about how they can use their Pokemon figures to defeat their rivals. Each Pokemon figure has its own moves and abilities which make the game complex and it gives it more depth. Therefore, the skill curve between good players and amazing players is significant.

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