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Outlook.Com vs. Gmail – Which Email Client Is Right For You?


Everyone predicted the death of email years ago but it still one of the most popular form of communication, especially when it comes to companies and professional messages for work. Therefore, picking the right email service can be an important decision. It is up to you what app is better for your needs and, to help you choose, today we will take a close look at Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s We have broken them down for you bellow.


From this perspective Gmail was a pioneer. This email services replaced the old folders with labels. You were able to tag emails and find them at their respective labels. With Gmail it is easier to search through your emails and find exactly what you need. has the regular folders, divided into categories. adds tags automatically to some messages, labeling them as Photos, Documents, etc. This email client also allows users to search through messages, but this search is not that evolved.


Curiously enough you can’t know how much storage you have on An Office 365 subscription should allow you to get 1 TB of storage for all Microsoft products, while also saying that Microsoft Outlook only offers you 5GB.

Gmail states right away that it can offer you 15 GB of free storage, counting Drive too. The attachment limit is 25 MB.


In terms of connectivity, Microsoft Outlook supports POP and IMAP, although according to various users there has been some problem with the IMAP connectivity. With you can also get Microsoft ActiveSync.

Gmail supports IMAP and POP as well so you can use it for any other email client, including Microsoft Outlook. Gmail will also work faster than its rival, which is a strength.

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