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Nokia Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201: How to Make the Most out of WhatsApp


Prices these days for smartphones are way too high, and people can do life without them. Let’s take a look at Nokia Asha users, who are doing just fine. It’s true, they are outdated, but they’re good at doing many stuff, including running WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has stopped supporting Nokia S40 devices

It’s true, the team behind the app has said that WhatsApp will stop supporting Nokia Asha S40 devices from the 31st of December, 2018. However, this does not apply to Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201.

WhatsApp wants to forget about the Nokia Asha lineup, but until they can do that entirely, Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201 are free to use the app. However, there’s one issue to take into account if the owners of such phones want to enjoy WhatsApp and all of its features.

The provider issue

There are some reports on the internet that say that some network providers just cannot deal with Nokia Asha owners. Most of these providers are in India, but that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

There’s one thing the owners need to do in order to enable WhatsApp, and that is to go to the Configurations panel, get to Preferred Access Point and choose the network provider that you work with. Then, you need to go back to the Configurations panel and go to Default config. Then, all you have to do is simply restart the phone.

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