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Minecraft In-Game TVs Created By Players After The Latest Update


Minecraft fans are known for their creativity and they have always used all the tools offered by the game. All updates bring something new, and it appears that the latest one did manage to bring something very exciting.

The last Minecraft update is 19w071, and it does bring an interesting feature. This new update changes the way paintings work. This might seem like a minor change, but players have discovered that it can be used for something way more interesting.

Game TVs

Players have discovered that this new function can be used to create in-game TVs. Basically, the update allows players to use multiple textures for paintings, which was not possible before. In the past, only one texture was used to create a painting. Therefore, modders took advantage of this new feature and they used it to create in-game TVs as well as computers.

The monitors allow them to play all sorts of videos. One users even placed a monitor that played a Minecraft video while he was playing the game. Other users went even further and they put an entire movie. One of the most impressive “TVs” is the one of user destruc7ion. He managed to combine various high-quality frames and ended up streaming Gravity Falls. The impressive thing here is the quality of the image. Looking at the Minecraft TV feels as if watching the real deal.

Everyone can try out this new thing, but there’s a catch. While it is a lot of fun, you should know that these videos do take up a lot of space. For example, 30 frames could take up more than 100 MB. If the files are too large, this could lead to all sorts of bugs and issues.

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