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Mass Effect Andromeda Update Available – What Do We Get?


Recently, we had the chance to see a new update released for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Besides introducing some new features, the update brought more changes and improvements. Though the company did not explain it in detail, the new file offers several improvements regarding the cinematic scenes, as well as some facial animations. This wouldn’t be a totally new thing since previous updates have also come together with similar changes.

At the release, people mostly complained about these two points of change. Since the release, they have received most complaints, which is why the developers decided to issue more improvement in the following months.

What Else Are We Getting?

Besides the improvements we mentioned above, the team is also presenting players with some changes regarding multiplayer. They are adding a new Platinum difficulty level, which brings more challenging enemies to the game. At the same time, fans also get access to some Veteran bonus ranks. The bonuses increase combo, power and melee damage stats for all the in-game characters.

This means that the Ultra Rare weapons are going to be more effective. In particular, people noticed that the Black Widow has got a significant boost along with the new update.

The 1.09 patch also comes together with some new weapon variants. Moreover, it also brings the Batarian Scrapper character, plus the Kishock Harpoon Gun. Among the multiplayer changes, you will also notice the option for enemies to interrupt hacks, a new object type that comes in place of assassinations, as well as a decrease in the rate for when the completion percentage for the uploads goes down when the player doesn’t control it. The new object type refers to a boss objective, which includes stronger enemies with more hit points and special nameplates. Moreover, they are also resistant to the Cobra RPGs.

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  1. Crowley says

    They should be ashamed of yourselves, disgracing and besmirching the millions of fans around the world who have made BW millions upon millions of dollars over 10 years of Mass Effect. “Boohoo they didn’t like our new game so we’ll flip them off and ragequit instead of try & salvage the franchise that has made us a shitload of money”. Noone gives a damn about the upcoming junk they call MP DLC.

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