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Launching the iPhone 12 without charger and headphones in the accessory package, almost a certainty


Apple seems to choose to protect the environment (and its own profit margin) by delivering the iPhone 12 without a charger in the traditional package of accessories included.

Although, this is probably the last thing Apple’s management thought of when they received the news of declining profit margins, as an effect of increasing manufacturing costs with the new iPhone 12 series, giving up the standard accessory package really helps protect the environment. For example, how many of you were using the cordless handsfree included in the newly purchased iPhone package? Especially for Apple fans who are not on the first iPhone, the AC adapter is also an equally useless accessory, which I do not even take out of the box of the phone I just bought.

iPhone 12 without a charger, because you don’t pay enough

But the truth is somewhere in the middle. With the introduction of fast charging technologies, the cost of including a wired AC adapter is no longer so negligible. And if Apple delivers an AC adapter without this technology, bundled with an iPhone model that supports higher charging speeds, the gesture will certainly attract fierce criticism, balancing the price of a premium phone with the apparent stinginess of the American company. But this time, the determining factor in Apple’s decision is competitiveness, Apple needing to compete with other manufacturers of Android phones, which have included very tempting but expensive technologies on devices.

Despite all the efforts of Qualcomm and other chipset manufacturers for mobile devices, 5G connectivity continues to carry “weight” in the list of components, even for products in the higher price range.

Put in the context of the slowdown in the global economy, new price increases applied to an already expensive iPhone range would be inconceivable, even for a brand that does not lack fans. Thus, the only reasonable choice is to keep prices at least at last year’s level, by any means.

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