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Kodi 17.5.1 Download Available – To Fix Past Issues


Kodi multimedia player software app is available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Users can enjoy through the multi-platform video streaming, listen to music, podcasts and other digital media files. The new Kodi 17.5.1 version has been released and it promises to fix past issues. Some users would experience crashes or the app would fail to start.

Kodi 15.5.1

Kodi’s developers managed to fix the issues experienced with Kodi 17.5 and those who had previously downloaded the app from Google Play Store should have received an automatic update. Those who sideload their apps have to go to the official Kodi 17.5.1 APK website and download the new version.

Some other fixes: not being able to add manual content to the videolibrary, the power massage handling for CEC, jumping timeline. The new update also offers a more robust way to handling the audio input and the accelerometers preventing the screensaver have also been fixed.

The v18 “Leia” update

The future to be released update will most likely bring more major changes and fixes. The app wants to compete with the likes of Apple TV and Roku. Voice search compatibility and home screen tiles will be added. The developers hope these two features will give the app a more familiar feel.

Until the “Leia” update is released, Koki 17.5.1 is available for download and it will fix most preexisting annoying issues such as sudden crashes.

The media player has received criticism in the past due to third-party plug-ins which could give unwanted access to copyrighted media content. Other did not enjoy the annoying add-ons even if the developer never endorsed them. XMBC foundation has worked hard on eliminating illegal products and it has even promised to take legal action against them.

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