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Iron Man PlayStation VR – New Release in 2019


We have a new announcement from Sony, about a new Iron Man video game for PS4. It will be called Marvel Iron Man VR because you will play behind the visor of the Iron Man with a PlayStation VR headset.

Camouflaj director Ryan Payton, tells in a post, that his team is developing Iron Man VR in a more deeply, personal and a fun way. The idea is to see Tony confronting the ghost from his past.

However, we don’t know more details about the new game, just the fact that Iron Man’s assistant is Friday. He will help you in combat and mission during gameplay. Marvel fans who keep up with the events, know that Tony uploaded Friday in his new suit after Jarvis, his previous assistant became Vision during the Avengers: Age of Ultron events.

Thanks to the trailer we know that Tony starts on a plane talking to Friday. Suddenly the conversation is interrupted by an anonymous hacker, the plane is blown out, and our character is blown into the sky. Of course, Friday is there to help and sends Tony the pieces of his costume. After armoring up, Tony goes after the plane. Take note that the trailer scenes are not the actual gameplay.

Because Iron Man VR will be played entirely in the first person, the combat will be a mixture of punching, flight, and repulse blast. Attacks can come from all directions, and with the help of PSVR headset, you can look around.

Iron Man VR is made differently on the Superhero game line in comparison to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Spider Man’s roleplay is in the third-person. However, it makes you feel like you are the superhero who takes down criminals, and are web-swinging through New York City.

The new game, Iron Man VR is planned for release sometime in 2019, and maybe it could be a PS4 exclusive.

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