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iPhone X New Details – Pros and Cons


Finally Apple unveiled their latest iPhone, the iPhone X that comes at $999 which will be available for preordering starting with 27 October.

Looking at the iPhone X that Apple has officially revealed on 12 September, we found some great features and some options which would make an all-time iPhone user get really mad.

Here are some of those great features and those that are not so great for the iPhone X:

  1. The Display

The display is an almost edge to edge OLED screen, having a little cut-out at the top of the screen where there’s a camera and sensors for Face ID or Animoji option. The display has True Tone options and has a 2436 x 1125 resolution, with HDR option included.

Although a lot of Apple fans dislike the cut-out part from the top, they have to understand that there should have been a place to put such a powerful camera (7 MP) and all the sensors for the Face ID feature such as Proximity Sensor, Infrared Camera, ambient light sensor, flood illuminator, speaker and microphone and dot projector.

  1. Animoji

It sounds like it’s something for kids but it’s more than that. Well, a little bit more but not far from being childish. Imagine that entire tech behind Animoji: 3D mapping with True Depth components all wasted on something that’s used for selfie obsessed users that want their faces to be turned into emojis. Yay for getting turned into an animated poop emoji at only $1,000!

  1. Face ID

Face ID sounds like something from the future but Apple is here to show us otherwise. We don’t know how safe it is or how good it works, but the entire process of having your face mapped by your iPhone and recognizing it sounds amazing.

  1. iPhone X is Way too Expensive

The price tag is quite a concern, considering that the iPhone 8 has the same processor as iPhone X and it costs less. iPhone X might have Face ID and might have ditched the home button and packed in more features but it’s way too expensive for what it gives.

  1. Touch ID

In with Face ID and out with the Touch ID feature. It’s an unfortunate loss which will be overcome after a lot of discussion among users. Touch ID was a very secure and fast method of unlocking your iPhone and losing it would surely annoy a lot of buyers.

  1. UI Gestures Require Both Hands

Losing the home button meant that the iOS 11 had to come with solutions by adding gestures and swipes for interacting with different tasks. This makes it difficult to access with only one hand though. And don’t get us started on these many swipes and combinations of side buttons that we must remember in order to take advantage of a fast interaction.

  1. Applecare+ Insurance Jumped from $129 to $199

In order to protect you iPhone X and get it repaired for a lot less than normal, users can opt for Applecare+ Insurance for which the will pay $199, more than what would pay for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. And who wouldn’t want to protect their $1.149 device if they dropped it on the pavement?

  1. Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 Feature the Same Chip

iPhone X and iPhone 8 have a A11 Bionic, making potential customers for iPhone X look the other way to the iPhone 8. Maybe iPhone 8 doesn’t have Face ID or other flashy options, but it has Touch ID and a familiar UI and moreover a much more accessible price.

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