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iPhone 9 Details Revealed – Bigger Display and Better Price


iPhone is one of Apple’s most successful products and, arguably, it is the most popular smartphone out there. This product has millions of dedicated fans that are willing to camp in front of a store in order to get the newest model. With iPhone 8 on its way we would have thought that everyone will focus on it. However, a new iPhone 9 leak surprised us recently.

iPhone 9 will have a bigger display

iPhone 8 is supposed to have the biggest display in iPhone’s history, but apparently, iPhone 9 will dethrone it in the future. The upcoming device will have a display over six-inches.

According to various sources, Apple will launch two iPhone devices in 2018. Before the 6.46-inch model (that will probably a Plus device), Apple will reveal a sequel to the OLED iPhone 8 and it will have a 5.85-inch display. There is also a chance that the display sizes are about S series upgrades, and not iPhone 9, but we cannot be sure yet.

The big display surprises us a bit, considering the fact that the company was one of the few that used smaller screens. Even Steve Jobs, the Apple founder, mentioned many times that he considers 3.5-inches the ideal display size for a smartphone. We will see how this change affects the company, especially now that it is rumored that Apple started to collaborate with Samsung Display.

Three OLED iPhone units will be on sale next year

The new leaks also revealed that three iPhone units will become available next year. Even if we assume that this refers to the upcoming iPhone 8, that will also be sold cheaper during the year, is it is hard to guess what the third product will be.

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