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The Sims 4 Eco-Living gets an Update and Features Gay Marriage


Lately there’s been a lot of news on The Sims 4, regarding patches and new content. There was also a Cats and Dogs expansion pack under the name “Create a Pet” which will soon be launched on November 10, this year.

More Good News on The Sims 4 Eco-Living

Next week fans all over the world will be able to vote for the title of the Eco Living pack in the game. There are a lot of items Maxis incorporated in their soon to come DLC.

The producer of Sims 4, Graham Nardone, also known as @SimGuruGraham by Sims fans, tweeted with a hash tag (#WorkInProgress) that the developers are currently working and some sets of clothing are being created and will appear in the Eco Living pack. The team is still working on their many parts of the DLC.

Fans Will Vote for both the Title and the Icon of the Update

Voting will be available for fans between 6 and 8 September, who can choose the official title for the DLC. Electronic Arts are sure that gamers will choose wisely a suitable title for the Update. After the voting for title is over, gamers will vote again for the pack icon.

Gay Marriage Featured in the Sims 4 Trailer

The Sims 4 has also launched a trailer in which a gay marriage is featured. The marriage is between two men who are guarded by two dogs which are their bridesmaid. So the dog owners are getting married.

Among the concepts on new items, we saw washer and dryer concepts and even a clothesline concept art.

Graham Nardone has been keeping Sims fans informed on what the developers work on and constantly shared images and info on the Sims 4 Eco-Living Community Stuff Pack.

Keep checking for updates as the launching is soon on its way.

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  1. Erin Megimose says

    Gay marriage has always been available in the sims, it’s nothing new. I’m excited for Pets && Eco-living

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