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iPhone 12 will be more expensive than iPhone 11, even without a charger and headphones


Last year’s rumors suggested that the iPhone 12, the base model in Apple’s new line of devices, could be launched at a lower price than last year’s iPhone 11, which in turn was cheaper than the iPhone XR. However, it seems that this will not be possible, as the new technologies introduced on the new devices are more expensive than we expected so far. Thus, the price of the iPhone 12, in the version with a 5.4 ”screen, could return again to over 700 dollars.

iPhone 12 will be more expensive than originally rumored

According to a Chinese leaker on Weibo called “Mobile chip master”, Apple will not lower the price of the iPhone 12, as we expected. It seems that when it comes to production costs, new models are proving to be more expensive than in the past. Thus, it would be difficult to keep even last year’s prices, so the reduction from year to year is out of the question. Apparently, the price of the components is significantly higher, with a new modem and antennas for 5G, the 3D camera on the face for Face ID and the OLED screen being the most expensive.

Given that Apple plans to take out of the box of new devices both the charger and EarPods, Apple fans may not be too happy with the new more expensive models. With a starting price that is rumored to be around 749 US dollars, as much as the iPhone XR cost two years ago, you will receive a smaller phone with 5G, but without accessories in the package. However, Apple will sell a new 20W fast charging socket adapter separately, the same one that debuted on the new iPad tablet models.

However, it seems that Apple will lag behind with the production of iPhone 12. The company will have at its disposal 80 million Apple A14 chips by the end of 2020. However, only 70 million could be used for the production of phones, the rest following be redirected to the iPad Air 4, which uses the same chip. As a result, Apple could deliver 10 million fewer iPhone 12 units than the initial projections. However, business analysts expect the iPhone 12 to be a successful series for Apple, despite the fact that the base model will be more expensive. Also, the delays will not affect sales much, as it will be the first generation from Apple equipped with 5G, and fans will want to buy.

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