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iPad 2017 vs. iPad Mini 4 – Which One is a Better Choice For You?


Apple never takes breaks. At the beginning of 2017 rumors were saying that Apple is going to work on the release of the new 10.1 inch iPad Pro. It appears that the amazing company was indeed working but on something else. Just a few months ago they came up with two of their most appreciated work so far, namely the iPad 2017 and the iPad Mini 4.

If you’re planning to buy one if these in the near future and you’re still undecided, follow the next guide that might help you take a decision.


Both iPads have a pretty impressive display. The iPad 2017 has a 9.7-inch 2048×1536 pixel at 264 ppi display while the iPad Mini 4 has a7.9-inch 2048×1536 pixels at 326 ppi display with less inches because it is the mini version, of course.

Both iPads come with the same variety of colors, namely: black, grey and gold. Unfortunately for some users, pink is missing from the new iPads, only the Pro version can come in this color.


Both iPads have 128GB storage; with the only mention that iPad 2017 has a 32GB version, which is obviously less expensive.

The processors could make a difference between the two since the 2017 version has an improved 64-bit A9 and M9 processor, whereas iPad Mini 4 has a 64-bit A8 and M8 one.

Both have 2GB RAM memory and both come equipped with Touch ID. The front and rear cameras have the same specs, namely 1.2MP 720p HD camera and a rear 8MP 1080p HD, which is satisfactory for an iPad’s camera.

The same thing goes for another aspect. Both iPad Mini 4 and iPad 2017 have the same connectivity features (802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS). They also come with the added 4G for which you can opt whenever you find yourself in need.

iPad Mini 4 is also a little bit smaller than iPad 2017, which has a 240 dimension and weighs almost 470g, when the mini version only weighs a little under 300g and has a dimension of 203.2g.


When it comes to the price, the difference between the two isn’t big and obvious but it may be considered by many decisive criteria.

iPad Mini 4 comes at the following price range: $306-$390, while iPad 2017 can be bought for approximately $300- $340, depends on the source.

Since the differences of specs and prices aren’t very obvious, it all depends on your necessities and how well one of the two iPads can help you with them.

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