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GTA’s The Smuggler’s Run Update Brings Battle Royale Mode


Last week was extremely difficult for GTA V online players because they kept receiving news about what will the new big update bring to the game (or what could they possibly receive since they had almost everything). This is why The Smuggler’s Run was the talk of the town.

The developers kept their promise and the Smuggler’s Run came out on 29th of August and it is now available.

One of the most awaited update ever

The game that had everyone glued to their screen while playing GTA V online mode managed to take by surprise most of its players with the new aerial possibilities, added planes, helicopters and most importantly, lots of aerial action.

But if you trusted Rockstar’s words completely, you would be even more surprised because the update has also brought something that wasn’t even announced in the last week’s statements. The Smuggler’s Run came up with some sort of Adversary Mode, which is officially called “Motor Wars”.

Motor Wars Survival Mode

Rockstar said that playing this mode implies getting yourself in a kind of “kill box” and you try to look for weapons and vehicles that could help you defend yourself or attack the other players. It is most likely a survival mode in which you are running for your life and try to be the last one standing.

There are, in fact, four teams maximum. You can team up with someone and work your way through the mode. It might sound similar with CS but you have to find your own weapons and vehicles. Don’t forget that being on the second place does not really mean that you won, so the only thing that you should do is practice and experience what the new amazing update has to offer, because trust us, there are much more things left for you to discover.

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