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iOS 12.1.4 Issues are Fixes with The New Update


The 12.1.4 version of iOS was released by Apple last week. A lot of important bug fixes were integrated into it such as the one that deals with the memory corruption issue and another that makes sure malicious applications will no longer be allowed by a possible vulnerability to run code with kernel privileges. Another issue that was fixed had to do with the Live Photos.


What did iOS 12.1.4 fix?

If you own an iPhone, it means that you might have come against the Group FaceTime bug which was so talked about last week. Well, the new version of the iOS addresses this problem. The issue would allow users to eavesdrop on other so after Apple found out about this they taken that feature offline. Now, you can properly use it without the fear of being heard by someone that should not.

It also comes with some problems

Even though this update might have fixed some inconveniences that users experienced, it also introduces some new ones. Some of them complained about their phones not accepting any SIM. Another user considers this new version of the iOS an utter failure because it made him lose some calls due to the lack of connectivity with its SIM card. After that update, some others would not be able to connect to WiFi.

Forbes takes the wheel

After hearing users complaining about the iOS 12.1.4, Forbes decided to compile a list of what does not work within this update based on testimonials. The list includes a degraded performance of video memory, AirPods, cellular, Touch ID, and many more. Even though these issues are not new, people who would not experience them are now facing those.

What is worth considering?

Despite the grudges, some people feel about the iOS 12.1.4, we must not forget that the security fixes are so important that users can wait a little bit until the 12.1.5 fixes the less important ones.

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