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How to Manually Install the Latest Android Security Update


The latest security update for Android Pie has been released by Google. The update removes a number of security vulnerabilities while also providing a few fixes for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 devices that should improve the quality of video recordings.

The update should arrive soon on all the devices that are currently running Android Pie. If you didn’t receive a notification the update may come in the following days.

Those that wish to install the update right now are able to do so. The process is a little complicated but it allows you to increase the security level of your device and solve the issues that are affecting your Pixel devices. A PC or laptop will be needed.



In order to update your device you will have to take a few preliminary steps.

  1. Find and download the OTA file that was released for your device. The files should be available on the official Google Developer website.
  2. You will have to download and install ADB and Fastboot on your computer/laptop. Comprehensive tutorials can be found on YouTube and on the XDA developer forum. Both programs are available for free.
  3. Charge your device before you attempt to install the update in order to avoid potential issues.

Installing the update

Start by turning off your smartphone. Press and hold the power and Volume Down buttons in order to access the Bootloader options. Use the volume keys in order to select the Recovery Mode option and tap on the power button to confirm your choice.

After the device enters the recovery mode wait until the Android mascot and the words No command are displayed. Press and hold power and then the Volume Up button in order to access the recovery mode menu.

Use the volume keys to find the Apply update from ADB option. Tap on power to confirm the choice and use a USB cable to connect the smartphone to your computer.

Open a command prompt and type one of the lines below

  • Windows: adb sideload
  • macOS/Linux: ./adb sideload

Enter the name of the update zip file and press on enter. A progress bar should appear on your device.

After the process is finished use the volume keys and select the Reboot option. Tap on the power button to complete the task. The update should be installed when the device is restarted.

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