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A Guide To Uninstalling Microsoft Edge Web Browser From Windows 10


Internet Explorer used to be the default web browser for Microsoft’s Windows and it wasn’t very impressive. All these years users have been complaining about the lags and Windows 10 finally brought a new default browser, Edge. While it is true that it is a major improvement it still isn’t something to write home about. Today we will show you how to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 with the help of a script. This impressive script will allow you to completely remove Edge browser with just some clicks and it is very useful since you cannot use the Settings app to remove Windows 10 applications.


Before we start we should warn you that since Edge browser is part of the Windows 10 system package, removing it may cause some trouble. Before using the script you should create a restore point just to be sure.

How to uninstall Edge browser from Windows 10

  • You will need to download the Uninstall Edge script. The script was created by user legolash20 and it has been tweaked by WinAero.
  • After you downloaded it extract all the files from the ZIP file.
  • You will see two different files, “install_wim_tweak” and “Uninstall Edge.cmd”. Right click the Uninstall Edge file and select the “Run as administrator” option. You will get the User Account Control, click Yes.
  • Wait until the script does its job.
  • When it is done you should see “Microsoft Edge should be uninstalled”.
  • Restart your computer and you should be done. Microsoft Edge won’t be there anymore. You are now able to set a new web browser as default. You can choose one that is faster and matches you needs better.

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