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GTA 5 Secret Alien Mission Comes With New Changes


If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto 5, you know that the latest update for it came in June, and it’s known as the Gunrunning Update. The update brought along a lot of exciting new things, such as new vehicles and bunkers, as well as a completely new take on the game’s universe.

However, it seems that it also came with a secret mission, and it took the Internet one whole month to discover it, so it means that developers must have hidden it pretty well within the game. You can see a video of the mission below.

As you can see, the mission doesn’t look or feel like much thus far. In fact, it’s not that thrilling at all, even though you’d expect it to be, what with the aliens and all that. There is an UFO crash site near the Zacundo military base, and if you happen to unlock it you can find a massive alien spaceship that has crashed. There are also dead scientists all around the swamp and an alien egg you can retrieve.

As soon as you retrieve the egg, there are a few aliens that appear and you have to fight them, but they’re fairly easy to defeat. Then you need to drive the egg to a bunker, and the mission is apparently completed. However, the mission might not be official just yet, seeing that it has been found within the game’s coding and Rockstar hasn’t made any official announcement about it yet. So it might get better with time if the game’s devs keep on working on it.

However, neither option is sure. They might work on it, but it might also be left just like that. But that seems hard to believe, because GTA doesn’t generally sport easy missions.

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