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GTA 5 Online Halloween Mode Available with New Condemned Mode, The Vigilante Vehicle and $400K Reward


Even though GTA 5 was released back in 2013, players still get to have tons of fun with it through the online mode. Rockstar Games keeps releasing new online modes which make sure that players always have something new to do. In fact, the game developer recently launched a new Halloween themed event which contains the Condemned mode, a $400K reward and many other in-game bonuses.

Winning the $400K Money Reward

The reason why all GTA 5 Online fans are enthusiastic about the new Halloween event is because it gives them a chance to win $400K of in-game money. This event also marks the fourth anniversary of GTA Online and the only thing that players need to do in order to grab that $400K reward is to simply log-in the game. In addition, the money will be sent to the player’s Maze Bank.

Condemned Mode

Since this new game mode is being released as a celebration for Halloween, no one should be surprised that its theme is quite “nightmarish”. In this new game mode, a player is going to be marked for imminent death which happens after a timer runs out. However, players can avoid dying by passing the mark to another player. The way players can do this is by killing someone else.

Now that we presented the mode’s main feature, we need to talk about how to win. This game is like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and by this we mean that it’s a Battle Royale. Therefore, the only way to win a round on this game mode is to remain the last player alive.

New “The Vigilante” Vehicle

Lastly, GTA 5 Online players will be able to hop on a new jet ski that basically flies on water since it’s propelled by rocket boosters. Things get even better since the jet ski is also equipped with a machine gun on the front side.

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