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Google Play Music vs. Apple Music vs. Spotify – The Final Comparison


The Internet and the music industry have been intertwined for a while now. And most companies have tried to adapt to this thing. Nowadays, more people are willing to supports the artists and pay money for their music, so there has been a big change in the industry. Apple and Google are rivals even here, and Spotify is also a strong competitor. But which one is the best one? Today we will try to answer this question and find the best streaming service.


The first thing you notice at an application is its design. And it can be an important feature since it will affect the interface and the way the users use it.

When it comes to Spotify, the app is easy to use and efficient. Material Design is employed but it is not something too flashy. There are many useful features like Search, Radio, Browse and each title has a small explanation. There is a left slide-out menu that has most of its options.

Google Play music is way more cheery and colorful. My Library is also nicely organized and you can see the stations you have listen to, playlists, and music sorted by artist, album, genre, etc.

Apple Music comes with a clean, clear design that is very useful. However this app will make you use the back button a bit too much.


Spotify has over 30 million songs, and they support video content as well. If you are not bothered by advertisements, you can use the app for free as well.

Apple Music comes with a 24/7 radio station and you can upload up 100,000 songs to iCloud.

Google Play Music has a big advantage since it also offers YouTube Red. You can use the app for free, but with some restrictions, or you can buy an account. The app also allows to upload 50,000 songs of your own.

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