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Google Pixel 4 New Augmented Reality Features and Improvements


This year will be a great one because every mobile company is working on their own version of “the best smartphone.” These devices will come equipped with more exciting changes. Google seems to be part of this category as they are keeping up with modern trends and would not accept to settle down.

The company is focused on augmented reality, according to Digital Overload. Google wants to integrate this feature into their smartphone in order to be used for the camera. This is not the single phone that will be launched this year, but also a mid-range handset will be available. If you want to wonder the modern technology, but your budget does not allow you to get too much of an expensive phone, this is the device for you.

Google Pixel 4 will revolutionize the mobile industry! The company will release the most outstanding phone that they have ever created. The current foldable Samsung Galaxy S10 will compete with it.

Regarding the specifications, just like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 4 will be a foldable phone. The fingerprint scanner will no longer be mounted on the rear of the phone as under the screen there will be an optical sensor. The display will measure more than 6.3 inches as the one for Google Pixel 3 XL did.

Sargo and Bonito are some possible names that Google might use for its upcoming device. ARCore APK, the company’s latest, mentions this aspect along with the names. AR will create unique experiences for you every time you use the camera. 

In this case, the AR fans will be addressed by the Google Pixel 4. Unfortunately, the release date has not been confirmed by the company. According to speculations, it might be unveiled in October this year. Alongside it will be the bigger Google Pixel 4 XL.

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