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Google Earth Pro Update is Available With Security Patches


Google Earth is used by millions of people from all over the world. This software is useful when you want to explore unknown locations or plan your holiday. People like Google Earth because it gives them the opportunity to use a series of cool features.

Next to the classical version, Google Earth also comes with a more advanced version – Google Earth Pro. This is dedicated to those who need detailed information and can it can be used for more advanced research.

The Pro version of Google Earth has its own useful features

       Firstly, it comes with Automatic Measurements. This means that users can accurately measure different types of surfaces (for example, parking lots or lands). The figures are obtained with advanced tools like polygon area measure and others;

       Secondly, the software offers the possibility of downloading images with high-resolution. The pictures can be printed for many uses (presentations, exhibits and others);

       Google Earth Pro gives access to panels full of data layers. This numbers can serve for statistics in several areas like demographic, entrepreneurial or traffic;

In addition, Google Earth Pro lets people use Spreadsheet for importing addresses into a more convenient format. Also, it comes with a specialized GIS importer for visualizing MapInfo and ESRI shapefiles. Movie Maker compatibility supports the creation of interesting films.

Furthermore, a recent update fixes a series of bugs previously identified and provides an even more user-friendly experience. Among the changes users will find significant improvements in the security area and within the software interface:

       The Places panel allows the selection of multiple items;

       Improved Print preview experience;

       More advanced security patches.

These are only a few mentions, but users will be happy to discover all Google Earth Pro update’s secrets. The program is free and compatible with Operating Systems like Mac or Windows.

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