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Google Earth Pro Update Download Available


The new and revamped Google Earth was released by Google back in the month of April of the current year. Needless to say, this new version was a severely improved one from the previous versions. If you remember Google Earth from before, then you know why everyone disliked it so much. But all its flaws have finally been fixed. Still, a big one remained: while we had the free basic version of Google Earth available, Google Pro had better tools but it cost money to access. However, that has been changed as well.

Google made the announcement of having merged Google Earth Free with Google Earth Pro on the Google Maps Help forum just recently. This means that everyone will now have access to more advanced features on Google Earth, and it will all be for free. Let’s see a detailed list of all the changes.

  • Google Earth Free and Google Earth Pro are now a single product referred to as simply Google Earth or Google Earth Pro if you want to get into the specifics.
  • Google Earth is supported by Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Windows 7 is the earliest version that supports Google Earth.
  • macOS 10.8 is the earliest version that supports Google Earth.
  • High-resolution Retina display support.
  • Antialiasing option in Google Earth now available on Mac.
  • Google Earth is now 64-bit on Mac.
  • Ability to reset cache data, settings and fix startup issues with the new and improved Repair Tool in Google Earth.
  • New video formats and other updates for the Movie Maker tool of Google Earth.
  • KML balloons come with Web Inspector tool.
  • Placemark balloons now have the option to embed YouTube videos or other HTML5 video content.
  • Better performances on image saving and printing from Google Earth.
  • Better internal and browser security.
  1. Tim Lawler says

    So how do I get established on this new Google Earth Pro. . . . or get the copy I think I’m currently
    stuck with to work?

  2. Tim Lawler says

    I thought I just did. . . . “start discussion”. See prev message.

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