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AMD Threadripper vs. Intel’s Core i9 – Best Opinion Based Comparison


The famous rival companies are yet again facing a tough match. AMD is competing with Intel in performance. Over the years the two companies were competing against each other but they were offering PC chip with two different orientations. Intel was known for offering the best performance, while AMD offered a good chip for a low price. Now, AMD advertises the new AMD Threadripper chip which has it all: best performance and a low price.

AMD Threadripper vs Intel Core i9

According to a tech magazine, if you are in search of only performance, then the Core i9 is the best option as it offers higher speed. The Threadriper 1950X offers outsized core punch and it is more task oriented. The experts call this kind of battle the “speeds and feeds” competition.

The price of the AMD Threadripper 1950X is between 549$-999$, while the Core i9 has a starting price of 1,999$.  The Core i9 offers more diversity, it comes and it is more power efficient. On the other hand, the AMD Threadripper offers higher base clocks. Both chips come unlocked.

AMD Threadripper

AMD has three Threadripper chips available: the Ryzen 1950X (16 cores, 3.4 GHz base clock, 4 GH boosted clock and 32 threads), the 1920X (12 cores, 3.8GHz base clock, 4Ghz boosted clock and 24 threads) and the Ryzen 1900X (8 cores, 3.8 GHz base clock, 4 GHz boosted clock, 16 threads and will become available on the 31st of August).

Intel Core i9

The chips use Skylake-X architecture and it has 5 Core i9 models: Core i9-7980XE (18 cores and 36 threads), the Core i9-7960X(16 cores and 32 threads), the Core i9-7940X (14 cores and 28 threads), the Core i9-7920X (12 cores, 24 threads) and the Core i9-7900X (10 cores and 20 threads).

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