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Google Earth Pro Free Download Is Easier Than You Imagined


Back in the day, you can only download the free version of Google Earth to your computer. Google Earth Pro then was a paid version. Thanks to Google, it was made available for free in 2015.

Today, you can get it from the official website through this link When the homepage opens, you can see menu choices on the upper right corner. Just select the Older Versions tab by clicking on it. You will be redirected to the Google Earth Pro version for desktop with this option.

In fact, you can create some maps with the new advanced tools available for Mac, PC, or Linux computers. You can now explore, particularly the following options on the list below.

  • Calculate areas and distances with the use of tools for measurement
  • Envision, control, and export GIS data
  • Produce media collateral via Movie Maker
  • Control and export GIS data
  • Use historical imagery to go back in time

You can proceed with the download process by clicking the button to continue. Upon clicking the Download button link, you will be redirected to another page where the Privacy Policy of Google Earth is located. You will be required to read the details and click the Agree and Download button when you are done reading.

Before you proceed, take note of system requirements of your computer because this will matter when you begin using Google Earth Pro. For PC users, you need to have a computer running Windows 7 or newer version. Mac users are also required to have at least a Mac OS X 10.8 or newer. For Linux users, it is preferable to use the Linux Standard Base 4.1 libraries.

Upon clicking the Agree and Download button, you will automatically download the app to your computer. This will be an executable file, so after downloading Google Earth Pro installer, you can instantly install it without paying anything.

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