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Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge – The Veteran Browser Found Its Match


Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are two of the most popular browsers available, with the former being the outright most popular among users of all ages. There are multiple reasons for this, but it still doesn’t explain why you should get Chrome instead of Edge, or vice versa for that matter. Both are very promising browsers, one a lot more established than the other, but there is some kind of payoff on each side. Here, we will compare the two browsers to see which is best at what. While declaring a browser straight up better would be what most people want, it’s pretty much impossible to do.  You can make up your own mind however, based on their qualities and which are best for you.



Performance levels are very important no matter what type of software or even hardware we’re talking about. Just how strong a service is, is directly influencing whether or not it’s a good or bad service. When it comes to performance, both these browsers offer strong resolves. However, the winner of this category is Edge. No, that’s not a typo, Edge really is better than Chrome when it comes to performance. Speed in all its forms, from page loading to rendering has proven to be on Edge’s side for the majority of tests that have been conducted since the Microsoft default is around.


The relation between operating system and browser has always been important. You need the two to work together in order to provide an awesome browsing experience, and the better synchronized the two are, the better it is for the user.


With that said, keep in mind that Microsoft has developed both Edge and Windows 10, and is still in charge of both services. This puts Edge on a higher step than Chrome because it gets direct support from the developer of the operating system. This doesn’t mean that using Chrome is buggy or inefficient just because it’s not directly developed by Microsoft. Chrome is still an amazing browser, but here we have taken into account sheer compatibility.

On other platforms

The tables turn a bit when you’re talking about other platforms.  Edge is only available on Windows Phones aside from Windows 10 PCs, meaning that it is highly limited in where it can be found. Google Chrome however is available on all major platforms, both mobile and computer, and it is the universal solution for all of them.


Last but definitely not least, we have security which is extremely important for obvious reasons. Chrome offers some good privacy features like Incognito mode and Do Not Track, but the browser has also been the subject of debates regarding Google keeping user data and basically representing a privacy threat.

Edge on the other hand provides all the features you would find in Chrome, and more. It comes with a slew of fresh and helpful security features which make it one of the best browsers out there in terms of security, if not the very best.

In conclusion, the widely popular Chrome is great but has its own set of problems, proving that it’s not perfect. Edge on the other hand can easily dispel the stigma that latched on due to Internet Explorer’s reputation, and proves itself as a very efficient and safe browser.

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  1. Zen777 says

    Ignore this article. The author clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about. Microsoft are incapable of making a proper browser. I should know, I’m a web developer and have put up with years of pain because of them.

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