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Google Chrome Remote Desktop: A Free Method To Access Remotely


Technically, Chrome Remote Desktop is a free remote desktop application from Google, an extension paired with the Chrome Web browser. Moreover, it can provide fast spontaneous support to your computer and unattended access.

Computers running Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems can install this application. It also works from Android devices, which install apps via Google Play Store. Moreover, iOS users are also free to install it from iTunes. Unattended access and spontaneous support are both supported.


Advantages of Using Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Quick to install
  • Would work on various operating systems
  • Supports different monitors
  • Supports audio transfers for computers running Windows
  • File-sharing support
  • Regular updates available
  • Availability of full-screen mode

Disadvantages of Using Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Requires a specific Web browser
  • Inability to print remotely via a local printer
  • Not capable for chatting
  • Inability to send shortcuts of custom keyboard

The first method of using Chrome Remote Desktop is intended for spontaneous support. Before you set up the connection, it is required that you sign onto your Google account.

You need to go to Remote Assistance section of Chrome Remote Desktop app in order to connect to the computer of your friend or share your screen with somebody else. However, this setup is temporary via an access code. So, when the last session closes, you have to make continuous connections after that.

Just click Share button to show a code that you can use for sharing your own screen. Otherwise, you can use the Access button in order to enter the code that the other computer has generated. Thus, you can see the screen of the other.

The other method is for unattended access to your own computer. This can be done via My Computer section. You can start by selecting Enable remote connections. Just set a PIN to enable access to your computer, composed of at least 6 digits.

After setting up, you can both sign in to the same account on Google onto another computer, where you can view the computer you have just configured.

The difference between My Computer and Remote Assistance is that the former should be used to see your own computer screen while you are away, while the latter is for computers you don’t have to access repeatedly.

Take note that if you want Chrome Remote Desktop for unattended access to the computer of a friend, you have to log in one time using your credentials from his or her computer in order to set it up. Thus, you don’t have to stay logged in to that unit after initial installation.

You can open Chrome Remote Desktop from the inside of the browser by typing chrome://apps/. However, you can create a shortcut to your desktop in order to have easier access to Chrome Remote Desktop. Press right-click on the icon and select Create shortcuts > Desktop and your app will be pinned on your desktop for easy access.

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