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Google Chrome 62 OS Download Available with Fixed Vulnerabilities


The new Chrome OS has been released a week ago and it took a couple of days until most devices could benefit from it. The most important update is the fix of the Krack vulnerability. The update also brought some changes and other bug fixes.

Chrome OS 62

The update fixed the Krack vulnerability discovered which affected devices and routers. Discovered in October, this malware allows hackers to gain access to user’s device and info. The fix is only for the issue on Chrome OS, but public routers are still affected.

New styled notifications are also available, bringing a little makeover for Chrome’s notifications tray. The new notification tray is more symmetrical and inspired from the Android notifications style.

Updates are also available for Android apps in tablet mode. Touch functions for file apps have been enhances.

Problems with the new update

Unfortunately for those who already downloaded the update, some technical issues appear. Play Store and some devices using Chrome OS 62 show up as uncertified. Google is still working on fixing this problem.

Devices deemed as uncertified are dangerous because they are not secure, they might not get the Android updates for their system and apps, apps and features might not work properly and data might not be properly backed up.

To help Google fix this faster, it your device has this problem using Chrome OS 62, head to the bug report and share information with developers. Screenshots can help them identify the problem faster, before this becomes a major issue.

Google Chrome

The freeware browser has been released in September 2008 and it provides stable releases for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. The browser also offers the Incognito Mode. This feature allows users to enjoy the browser without it storing any history information from websites visited.

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