Gmail Sign Out Made Easy Using A Couple Of Options

Lots of people use Gmail email service from Google because they find this app very useful with all its features. So, it is important to know a thing or two about how to use it effectively. One instance is when you want to sign out of your Gmail account when logged into devices not currently in use.

Another thing to benefit from this method is when your smartphone or laptop gets stolen or lost. For this reason, you need to know the process of disconnection of your private accounts in a zip. Basically, you can log out from Gmail on multiple devices easily just via a couple of clicks.

  • Log into your Gmail account and then scroll down to the end of your inbox, when using a desktop computer
  • A small print saying that “Last account activity” will be displayed. Thus, you have to click “Details” button just below it.
  • You can notice the button saying “Sign out all other Web sessions”, which remotely logs out of Gmail. However, this will only log you out of Gmail from other locations. You may also see the list of devices in which you have used to sign in your Gmail account just below the button.

Signing out of Gmail is important particularly when logged into a computer with public access or a work computer. A remote way of signing out of Gmail is possible even if there is no physical access to a computer. You may also be able to sign off, anyway, from your smartphone, computer, or tablet with the use of the regular logout option.

For Gmail mobile app, all you need to do is to mimic the steps here.

  • Simply tap the menu button first
  • Above the menu, you need to tap the email address you are using
  • Select the “Manage accounts” option
  • Then, tap the “Edit” and the “Remove” buttons respectively in order to sign out your Gmail account using your mobile app.