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Beware: Fake Chrome Web Browser Extension Will Hurt You


All those who use Chrome OS need to know that a fake extension has made its way past Google’s Web Store vetting process and it has emerged as AdBlock Plus extension. Once installed, the fraudulent browser infects PCs with adverts and opens tab after tab without asking for the user’s permission.

More on the fake Chrome extension

The fake browser has been downloaded by 37,000 Chrome users and its existence has been reported by @SwiftOnSecurity, an anonymous cyber security personality. It is unknown if all 37,000 users got the malicious browser infest their data or if some of them were victims.

Google has advised Chrome users to be more careful and check the information of developer extensions before deciding to download them. It is important to ensure that the extensions are legitimate.

Not a first for Chrome internet browser

This incident is not the first one Google had to face. It is already wildly known that hackers are always seeking for ways to breach the security of internet programs and more and more incidents are occurring in the last couple of years. In 2015, Google blocked Mac users from downloading Chrome extensions which were not hosted in the official Web Store due to malicious extensions found all over the internet.

A study made in 2016 showed that 51, 8% of MacOS users use Safari, while 36.2% prefer Chrome. This is quite a few and it seems that Google’s search engine is still popular even for those who use Apple products.

Google Chrome was released for the first time in 2008, it is available in 47 languages and it is one of the most popular web browsers. The same is valid for web browser. Chrome is popular for its design features, security and incognito mode.

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