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From now on, you can use any Samsung phone to run Android applications on your PC


Support for running Android applications in individual windows on the screen of Windows 10 PCs is now available on any Samsung phone. Initially, this feature was presented as an exclusive for Galaxy Note 20 series phones.

When Samsung announced the new Galaxy Note 20 series, the company also revealed an at least interesting feature, implemented using the Microsoft Your Phone application and available exclusively for the new flagship. Specifically, when the Galaxy Note phone is connected to the PC using the Your Phone application, all applications installed on the phone will appear in the PC version interface, with users being able to run them in individual windows, as if they were native applications for Windows 10. In reality, they are also turned on on the mobile phone, which appears in the Windows window being the equivalent of a Remote Desktop session, targeting only that application.

You can use Android applications under Windows 10, only if you have a Samsung phone
Meanwhile, the deal that was aimed exclusively at the Galaxy Note 20 has expired, with functionality now appearing for other Android users as long as they use Samsung tablets or phones.

A bit intrusive in that it has a high battery consumption and serves as a “Trojan horse” to promote the full range of Microsoft services, the Your Phone application is still useful in that it serves as a bridge between Android phones and PCs. Windows. For example, you can use the Microsoft application for wireless file transfers between PC and phone, SMS messaging, answering phone calls, checking notifications, and even Remote sessions where you go directly to the Android screen.

What the new feature developed with Samsung offers is a way to use Android apps as if they were native Windows apps. Running in individual windows, they appear in the Windows taskbar and can have their own shortcuts on the Desktop or Start Menu. The only limitation, which Microsoft promises to remove soon, is that you can’t run multiple applications at once.

Unfortunately, the limitation on the use of Samsung devices is unlikely to go away any time soon, with Microsoft’s main goal being to gain a competitive advantage over other Android device manufacturers.

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