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Fortnite Down on Xbox Live – Latest Updates


PUBG may have pioneered the genre, but Fortnite continues to rule as the most popular battle royale in the world, with millions of active players each day. The popular title has attracted the attention of many gamers, and even if they don’t play it, most have heard of it.

Recently those who prefer to play the title on their Xbox One consoles have run into a problem. A popular site which tracks services and informs users when they are down has received a large number of messages from gamers who argue that they can’t launch the game from their device. The issue appeared to be quite major as the reports infer that the service is unavailable across several regions, among which we can count the US, UK, and several European states.

Many fans thought that the issue may have been by the game and encouraged Epic Games and the Xbox Support team to investigate the problem.

The problem was caused by an Xbox Live servers problem which forced them to might, blocking access to a large number of games and services. According to reports offered by independent sources those who have an Xbox One console aren’t able to access games or any content which relies on an active network connection.

Owners can still play single-player titles which are launched with the help of a disk but other online-only games like Apex Legends, Warframe, and the previously mentioned Fortnite are unplayable. Microsoft released a press statement which mentioned that a team of engineers and technicians are hard at work as they aim to solve the problem as fast as possible.

Similar events have happened in the past, and it is likely that Microsoft will offer some reward in an attempt to mitigate the fury of thousands of users.  That is understandable since no one wants to pay for a service which doesn’t work as expected. It is likely that more information will be offered in the future.

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