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For the first time, Apple seems to miss the iPhone launch in September, postponing all major products


More and more reliable sources confirm that Apple has completely given up the iPhone launch event in September, the new plan being for the launch of the iPhone 12 in October, together with the new iPad range.

Quite exceptional circumstances were needed to derail Apple’s launch schedule, “nailed” since the beginning of the iPhone. The apparent resumption of activities at factories in China, after the relaxation of quarantine measures in early summer, seems to have hit a logistical deadlock, affecting both the supply chains with components and the production activity in the rails. Although the Chinese authorities do not recognize this, the cases of COVID-19 virus infection have not miraculously disappeared, the workflow in Apple’s partner factories being at most intermittent.

iPhone 12 launch delayed

On the other side of the globe, Apple’s management has probably tried all possible “optimizations” to streamline production, concluding that the pace of production in a normal year simply cannot be sustained under current conditions.

Although Apple does not officially confirm this “defeat”, credible sources reveal that the launch of the iPhone 12 range has already been postponed for October, it remains to be seen whether market demand will match the stocks and production capacity provided by Apple at this time. Also in October we will see the new iPad range, probably unveiled during the same launch event broadcast exclusively online.

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