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Far Cry 6 was accidentally revealed


Ubisoft was supposed to unveil Far Cry 6 this week, but as it happens, the surprise was ruined by leaks. Not one caused by a spy, but by Sony. Just as the Microsoft Store sabotaged Crytek, the Playstation Store Hong Kong sabotaged Ubisoft’s plan. The game page has been deleted in the meantime, but the information persists.

So we know now that Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18, 2021 and promises to have the largest map in the entire history of the series.

In this game you will take on the role of a guerrilla fighter, named Dani Rojas, in a fight against a dictator from a fictional tropical nation, with a small city as its capital. That dictator is played by Giancarlo Esposito, whom you probably know from the series Breaking Bad or from the Mandalorian.

In terms of gameplay, vehicles, makeshift weapons, friends and something called Fangs for Hire are promised, which I hope means you can now recruit martyrs that could have dusted you off in previous games. The game will be released for consoles of the current generation, or at least for PS4, and there will be a free update for PS5 and probably Xbox Series X.

The official revelation will take place on Sunday evening. Then we should see a trailer of what I imagine will be called gameplay.

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