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Fans Hope Surface Pro 5 Release Date To Be In 2018


You should be filled with excitement upon reading this article because there is no other reason to suspect otherwise. Just as other avid fans out there are thinking, they are looking forward to the release date of Surface Pro 5.


Surface Pro 5 Rumors

If you can recall, the last known release date of a Surface Pro was in 2017. So, there is no reason to suspect that a Surface Pro 5 will push its way out this year or in early 2019. Technically though, the next model to come out will be the sixth generation of the Surface series. So, it might end up as the “Surface Pro 6” or not.

It has also been in the rumor mill that a new Surface Mini is secretly being developed. Moreover, it has been said that it has all the hardware to compete with the most recent iPad, Chromebooks, and even the Surface Book and Pro released last year.

Why Surface Pro 5

You might have been wondering why it is will be called Surface Pro 5 as the next iteration of the series. For one, it is the next powerful 2-in-1 tablet/laptop computer ever to be released by Microsoft.

Expected Release Date

Thus, you are going to expect some amazing display, great connectivity, and awesome battery life. Moreover, it will have a Surface Pen, enhanced processor, RAM, and many other cool features. The release date will be around early or mid 2019 in which most experts say it would.

What To Expect

The Surface Pro 4 was revealed at a Microsoft event in Shanghai, China, but was not that revolutionary in terms of improvements. It might have been great if they were able to throw in a couple of Thunderbolt 3 ports or 2 for external graphics so to speak.

Additionally, based on the release dates of the Surface Pro in the past, you may also consider it being a biennial rather than an annual schedule. Therefore, you can expect this to happen sometime next year if the speculations are correct.

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