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[Download] Facebook Messenger Beta APK Redesigns the History and Missed Calls Panel


There’s no better way of getting in touch with old friends other than Facebook Messenger. This app will prove to be quite useful because it gives people the ability to get in touch with whoever they since almost every company, business or person owns a Facebook page. Moreover, Facebook Messenger is also equipped with many features which are specially designed to improve communication.

Facebook Messenger Beta

Facebook Messenger users who are enlisted in the beta program should be happy to know that they can get their hands on a brand-new update ahead of everyone else. The update comes in APK form and it can be downloaded and manually installed right now.

Call History and Missed Calls

The sole purpose of this new update is to change how Facebook Messenger displays call history and missed calls. Right now, users are required to open two different panels if they want to check their call history and missed calls section on the public version of Facebook Messenger. Luckily, this is not going to be required anymore since this new APK update brings call history and missed call in one place.

Communication is Key

One of the key reasons why Facebook managed to amass such an enormously large user base is because it enables people to find anyone that they are looking for such as their old high school friends as an example. However, things get better since Facebook also gives them the option to get in touch with anyone and communicate through the Messenger app.

Furthermore, the Messenger app has received numerous updates over the years which are focused on improving the communication aspect with features such as emojis, GIFs and stickers. In fact, Facebook Messenger features a cool option that’s able to translate text to emojis. This makes communication fun and it makes it easier for people to express themselves.

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