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Google Play Services 11.5.18 APK Download Enhances Overall Stability


Play Services is a vital part of the Android ecosystem and keeping it updated should be everyone’s top priority. This app has many features but the most important one of them is that it allows other apps such as mobile games for example to automatically update themselves. Basically, everything that is automatically updated through the Play Store wouldn’t be possible without Play Services.

Google Play Services 11.5.18 APK

Now that we went over one of the key features of Play Services, readers should get an idea of just how important it is. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that Google keeps rolling out a steady number of updates to it. In fact, Play Service’s version number has been recently upgraded up to 11.5.18 with a new APK update.

As previously mentioned, the new update is available only in the APK form right now. What this means is that eager Android fans who want to enhance their smartphone’s capabilities ahead of everyone else can download and install the update manually right now. The update is free to download and it improves Play Services overall stability.

Improved Stability

Considering the important role that Play Services is playing in the Android ecosystem, Google can’t afford for it to crash. This is the main reason why Google keeps on releasing new updates to Play Services which contain numerous bug fixes. These bug fixes make sure that Play Services never crashes and that it always runs flawlessly.

Operating System Support

Fortunately for Android fans, this new APK update is compatible with a broad range of operating systems. Obviously, the update is targeted towards Google’s latest Android 8.0 Oreo operating system but it also runs on a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Finally, we need to mention that Android users who are not that keen on manually downloading and installing important APK updates such as this one can simply wait for it to arrive OTA (over the air). However, there’s no way to tell when that is going to happen.

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