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[Download] Google Photos and Google Allo New Updates


Everyone knows that Google is one of the companies that is constantly checking its products and releasing new updates in order to fix any possible bugs. That is why most Google apps receive a new update almost weekly, despite the fact that these updates do not bring any major or visual changes. However, they are equally important since they bring some under the hood improvements that are supposed to fix all the errors. Right now, two new updates are available for Google Photos and Google Allo.

Google Photos v3.7.17

This new update comes with an actual feature. The new version brings a new algorithm that allows you to share videos faster on the application. This new function means that Google Photos will upload low-resolution copies for sharing, and they will be later replaced with high resolution version. Therefore you won’t have to wait that much in order to share a video to someone, which is a welcome improvement.

Google Allo v.20.0.023

This new version does not come with any actual features and it is one of those minor updates that fixes some bugs. You won’t be able to notice any changes since this update only comes with some improvements for the core of the app. Nevertheless, it is recommended to update your application anyway since these updates are meant to boost the performance of the app and they can come with some important security improvements that should protect your device from any threats.

Download the updates

As always, it will take a while until these updates will reach all users, so if you do not like waiting you can use and APK file. You can get Google Allo 20.0.023_RC06 and Google Photos 3.7.171902479.

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