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[Download] Google Earth VR with New Street View Images


The Californian multinational technology company has announced that Street View will be added to Google Earth VR. The update will improve users’ experience by allowing them to check Street View imaged from 85 countries. Street View VR in Google Earth VR can be viewed with Daydream and Cardboard.

Why the new update is so great

Users can also see pictures shared by others from around the world by simply zooming down closer to street level and viewing the area within a 360 degree photo.

Google has even suggested some places worth checking out such as the region of Croatia where Game of Thrones was filmed or San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

Street View app for Daydream and Cardboard is available via smartphones.

Street View cameras will get an update

Street View cameras are the same ones from eight years ago and therefore Google decided to implement new design ones to produce higher quality imagery. This decision is very beneficial helping AI to index real-world locations.  The new cameras started their work in August but it will be longer before most Street View imagery will become available from those cameras.

Google Earth

It is a tool designed by Google which uses mapping and 3D tools to create a virtual globe of our planet. Year after year Google has improved Google Earth and a new feature is Voyager. This feature encourages users to learn stories from around the world in the form of themed journeys with high media content such as 360 degrees videos and Street View.

To better users’ experience Google has also partnered up with BBC and DigitalGlobe and has started to provide detailed stories which are regularly updated. Each story has ten locations. Two other features encountered are Itineraries and virtual postcard sending option.

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