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[Download] Chrome OS 61 Update Available with New Features


Google’s 2017 event was a success with announcements concerning hardware products and software features available soon on the market. Some devices unveiled at the 2017 event were only a rumor up until yesterday and therefore, the California based giant is also seeking to have its software updated. The new update is available for several Chrome OS devices.

Changes brought by the new Chrome update

According to the announcement the new update brings new default profile avatar and picker; a new app launcher and a bettered window management support (tablet mode). Also the power management setting and the Get Help App were improved and a new Sign in and Lock Screen design is available.

Those who use a stable Chrome OS will receive the update version 61.0.3163.113, platform version 9765.76.0.

Apart from the new Chrome OS update, Google also released the new Pixelbook 2-in1 laptop.

Google Pixel 2

The laptop is here with a starting price of 999$ and it is the most expensive Chromebook so far. If in the past the Chromebooks were popular for their affordability, Google has decided to change the name and design and make the device 2 in 1.

Google Pixelbook2 will work as both a notebook and a tablet. The device will have premium quality in terms of the materials used and the style will be similar to the Pixel smartphones (glass panel in the back).

The 2-in1 device also has a Pixelbook Pen used for drawing, writing and with a special button on the side. If users press the button and hold on to this and circling something on the screen, they will be able to find a result with Google Assistant. The option is available for when users do not know a word and want to find out its meaning.

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