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[Download] Clash Royale October Update – New Game Mode and Featured Quests


Clash Royale will receive its biggest update next month, and fans can hardly wait. Even if the update will be here soon, you might want to find out already what it will bring. Luckily for you, we already know some details about the upcoming update. Here’s what you can get in October.


New game mode

One of the most important additions is the new game mode. Apparently, this new mode will be available for both 2v2 and 1v1. All players will start with 10 elixirs and the time period will be set at one minute. In this new mode, attacks will come wave-after-wave and players will have to try and defend themselves and counter-attack.

Quests feature

The update will also come with a new Quests feature, a big addition to the original game. We do not know yet many details, but it is not hard to guess how this feature will work. The Quests received by players will be divided into three categories: Clan Related Quests, Army Specific Quests and Troop Specific Quests.

The Clan Related Quests will involve the clans of the player, and they will probably make the player donate a number of cards to the other card members. The Army Specific Quests will be related to specific decks that you will have to use (such as the LavaLoon deck). And finally, the Troop Specific Quests will make the player use certain cards. There will be various challenges, such as winning a number of battles using only Prince cards.

We can probably expect Quests to be something similar to Clash of Clans quests, so the game will organize them based on their type. Players should also expect rewards for completing the challenges, but we do not know yet if they will only receive gold.

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