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[Download] Clash Royale New Mirror Mode


One of the reasons why Supercell mobile games are so popular is because the developer is constantly adding new features. After Clash of Clans received one of the biggest updates in its history, it appears that Clash Royale will also get a new update that will come with a brand new game mode. Gamers can already get excited, since we know some details about the upcoming Mirror Mode. Clash Royale already has numerous game modes such as 2v2 draft battles, 2v2 “friendly” battles and the simple 2v2 battles. Besides that, players can also compete in tournaments.

The new information has been revealed by a Reddit AMA, a developer update and an internal leak. The update should be released in October, so players will get to test out the new Mirror Mode really soon. We don’t know yet if this new update will bring anything else, but maybe we can expect some improvements related to the loot or the cards.

Fighting with the same “weapons”

If you have ever felt that a match was unfair and you were just unlucky and you received some bad cards, then Mirror Mode is what you needed. According to a conversation from the Clash Royal Reddit, this new match mode will offer the same cards to both players, and it does not stop there. They will also get the same shuffle.

This means that players can actually test their strategies, and there won’t be such thing as luck anymore since the fight will finally be completely fair. This new addition should be appreciated by most player and it represents just another challenge for Battle Royale. It will be interesting to see how this new mode will be used and what strategies will be created for it.

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