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[Download] Clash of Clans 9.256.8 APK Update with Clan Perks, Builder Base Mode and New Troop Levels


Supercell is the most successful company when it comes to mobile games. Clash of Clans, which is developed and managed by Supercell holds the title of being the most downloaded game in the Android platform. Even though this is a free to play game, it offers one of the most premium user experiences and its gameplay mechanics are amazingly fun.

We must give praise to Supercell for deciding to make the game free to play and to instead try to turn profits from in-game purchases. This method of generating profits from the game is what sets Clash of Clans apart from other mobile games and why its user base keeps growing with every day.

However, another reason why Clash of Clan is so successful, and its user base keeps growing is because Supercell always makes sure to release new updates which ensure that players never get bored of the game.

Clash of Clans 9.256.8 APK Update

The game’s version number has recently been brought up to 9.256.8 with a new APK update. This update is available for download right now and it contains a bunch of cool features. Moreover, Clash of Clans users need to make sure that they have enough free space on their smartphone before downloading the update since it weighs in at 89.05MB.

New Features and Game Mechanics

Right from the start, the first thing that pops out about this update is the new friendly battles in the Builder Base mode. This is certainly going to give players something fun to do for the next couple of weeks. Moreover, the update also gives players the ability to team up with their clan members and earn Clan Perks together which will unlock Clan Badges.

Clash of Clans fans should be happy to know that this new update also raises every troop level to 14 and that it introduces two new versions of Valkyrie and Golem. Fortunately, that’s not all this update brings since it also includes new buildings levels for Bomb Tower and Air Sweeper.

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