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D22 iPhone 8 Comes with iOS 11 GM


The new iOS 11 GM release unveiled a couple of features of the D22 iPhone 8. The HomePod release has leaked some incredible surprises.

Insight on the new iPhone 8 specs

The first rumor is regarding a new set of wallpapers released with the iOS11. Another one is the Portrait Lighting: a feature which is an enhancement of the Portrait Mode effect creating dSLR-like shots by stimulation lightning effects. The Portrait Lightning is believed it will be released in the beta version similar to Portrait mode last year. The new feature will include Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono and Studio Light.

The device will also come with a new video recording resolution and capture speeds: 1080p HD at 240fps 480 MB with 1080p HD at 240 fps; 4K at 24  fps (Footer) 270 MB with 4K at 24 fps (film style) (HEVC Footer) 135 MB with 4K at 24 fps (film style); 4K at 60 fps (Footer) 450 MB with 4K at 60 fps (higher resolution, smoother) (HEVC Footer) 400 MB with 4K at 60 fps (higher resolution, smoother).

The soon to be released OLED iPhone will use True Tone Display just like the iPad Pro lineup. The resolution which will presumably be used is 1125×2436.

One of the most commented features so far is definitely the Face ID, which will replace the Touch ID. This facial recognition feature will add even more security to the iPhone and it will make the unlocking process faster.

Fun is also a top priority for Apple and the new iPhone will come with special emojies: Jellyfish in 3D. These emojis for iMessage are referred to as Animoji and will use facial tracking and voice in order to create animated messages. A revised version of AirPods will also become available.

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