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Clash of Clans Update To Fix the War Matchmaking Algorithm


Clash of Clans is a very popular mobile video game and its number of players keeps growing. In order to keep the gamers happy, Supercell tries its best to constantly improve it and bring new additions to the game. The developer recently released on of the biggest Clash of Clans update, the Builders Base. While this addition offered a new village, a new way to attack and new troops, it also came with some flaws. The most important one was related to the War Matchmaking algorithm. After numerous user complaints, Supercell is ready to fix this issue.

What is the War Matchmaking System?

With the new Builders Base, players were able to attack other villages in a new way and players were supposed to be matched with others that were similar in term of defense and offense so that the match would be balanced. However, it turns out that the War Matchmaking algorithm is far from perfect and many players noticed that they weren’t evenly matched in the battles.

Supercell acknowledged this problem and promises to fix it

The developer is aware of the War Matchmaking issues and the official Twitter account recently announced that Supercell will try to repair this feature as soon as possible. The team also thanked the gamers for their feedback on this issue.

Since Supercell has usually kept its word, the team is probably working on an improvement that will refine the War Matchmaking feature and get rid of the errors. Since the Builders Base update is still fairly recent, it is not that outrageous that is isn’t perfect yet. However, with a bit of patience players will surely receive their fair matches in the future, and others wouldn’t be surprised if there are other updates on their way.

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