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Choosing the Best VPN Service in 2017


It’s always best to make an informed decision when you want to get a service. Getting a VPN service is very important and you should all know what they provide and what the best options are. Here are a few VPN services to consider, based on your needs.

  1. Buffered

This service is based in Hungary and is a great long-term option. It has its own DNS servers and will not restrict access to Netflix for example. You can get it in 30 countries, providing unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Payment starts from $ 8.25 a month with different billing according to what options you get.

  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost will provide both security and transparency in their service with a lot of options for keeping their users safe in the online space. Their encryption is military grade and they also have built-in ad blockers.

You can get CyberGhost for free but with the option of getting disconnected after 3 hours and reconnecting again. Other features are disabled in the free version.

  1. Express VPN

This VPN is the fastest one in the world but it has a downside to it by keeping records of date stamps.  Payment starts at $ 8.32 and can be made through credit card or Bitcoin. They have their own DNS servers and it’s a simple to use VPN.

  1. Hide IPVPN

For only $0.99 a month you can get the cheapest VPN and have 5 connections at a time. It’s simple to use and very cheap, but there are some things that restrict your access such as Netflix for example.

  1. Hide My Ass! Pro

The name is funny but it won’t completely do what it says. It will keep records of connection timestamps, IP addresses but not records of internet traffic.

They offer support for more than 940 servers worldwide and have a lot of servers through which they can offer you a quality service.

  1. Nord VPN

This service is located in Panama and will provide 500 servers in 51 countries. This is the safest VPN service as it has a policy through which they don’t record logs or keep track of their users’ internet activity. It has options such as double VPN and “Kill Switch” which are very handy.

  1. Private Internet Access

With this service, you’ll not only get a cheap VPN connection (at only $3.33) but you’ll be able to connect up to 5 OS such as Android, iOS, Mac OS & Windows. The service will not track IP addresses or connection timestamps either, adding also the Kill Switch option to the whole deal. Payment can also be anonymous.

  1. PureVPN

The VPN service is from Hong Kong and it’s available in 141 countries with having more than 500 servers. PureVPN will not track internet activity but it will record bandwidth usage and connections in order to efficiently manage their servers. You can anonymously pay, billing starting from $ 4.99 and if you don’t like the service you can get your money back within 7 days from purchasing.

  1. Strong VPN

This service is vulnerable to internet laws since it’s located in US. This means that your privacy is not quite safe. The provider claims that they don’t log details on their users but they don’t specify which one they don’t record.

Strong VPN reaches 20 countries with more than 40 servers and has unlimited bandwidth being a good option in using torrents.

  1. Total VPN

This VPN service is located in UK and is very secure, even offering a free plan for those who occasionally use VPN services. The free plan is limited to 3 server locations and caps the speed at 2 MB per second.

The basic service which is billed at $5.98 a month will provide users a service with no speed restriction and can be used by 30 countries, has 61 servers. The service will not be anonymously paid, but users can pay it through PayPal or credit cards.

  1. ZenMate

This service will support one connection at a time and has limited features. It is available in 28 countries and if you opt for a premium service, you can have your location changed every time you jump from one website to another.

  1. Rafał Alitojć says

    In this video, you can see how to configure and how to use one of the best VPN services available these days:

    This service is currently offering 750+ servers in 141 countries! It is very fast, reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective. It allows you to use it on up to 5 devices simultaneously. I can recommend it to everyone, and I’m sure you will be very satisfied with it 🙂

  2. Michael says

    I can vouch for ExpressVPN. Best VPN I’ve used.

  3. Sidra Rafiq says

    I would recommend PureVPN has it has plenty of features like Split tunneling, Ipv6 leak protection, Antivirus, Antimalware, IPS/IDS which are essential for anyone looking to beef up the security of internet connection.

  4. Tips for China says

    Here are some good discounts and coupon codes for the VPN services mentioned and others too.

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