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BlueMail vs. Inbox Comparison – Which One is Better?


Emailing is still one of the most popular ways of messaging. Emails are used especially by companies and enterprises and you probably already know that you need to constantly check your work emails every day. That is why you must have an email app on your phone. Sometimes the pre-installed options do not match your needs so today we will show you two alternatives for Android. Let’s take a look at Google’s Inbox and BlueMail.

Do Not Disturb mode

Sometimes you just want to spend some time away from your phone. Whether you are on vacation or at a family event, there are moments when you have to ignore everything work-related. BlueMail is aware of that and it provides a Do Not Disturb feature. Inbox does not have a function like this one.

Other email services

It is very likely that you use multiple email services and you might want an app that will get them all together. Sadly, Google’s Inbox can only support Gmail. However, BlueMail supports numerous other email clients, from Gmail, to Yahoo, Outlook and others.


The apps are pretty simillar here. Both Inbox and Blue Mail will allow you to swipe and choose the date and the time of the reminder.

User friendly interface

This is another common point for Inbox and BlueMail. They both sport a simple look that makes the apps easy to use. Inbox also comes with email bundles. These will sort out your emails so you can easily find them whenever you might need them.

Inbox info cards

This feature is available for Inbox, but you won’t find it in BlueMail. The Google app will show you useful cards containing information about your upcoming trips or about the purchases that you have made.

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